The quet protest of bored accessories.

First it was the little brown leather bag. One day it was just gone. It took me perhaps a few weeks to notice its disappearance as I didn’t really wear it that often, only when it matched my mood. Which was twice every four months. May be that’s why it left. Feeling all neglected over there on the rack, next to all those other bags I tend to prefer on a daily basis. I am not surprised it took its leave so suddenly and without a notice. It must have been a terrible traumatic experience.

Then it was the black tank-top I bought a few years back. But I swear I wore that thing like the clown wear a smile. All the freaking time. I even slept with it. And then.. gone. Just like that. No holes in it, or burned edges or me having it forgotten somewhere. It used to be just always there when I needed it, we shared crazy cool moments together. Remember that last time, in late August when I was pretending I was I dog? I wore you then babe! Pure human-tank-top love. Next thing you know, it’s off to someplace unknown. No address, no phone number, no goodbyes. Just an empty space left to fill with T-shirts and … other tank-tops.

And then seriously, top if the freaking game. I adored that hat man. It was small, round and black, with a ribbon on the side. I made sure it felt perfect and special. How couldn’t it? It was the bestest hat in the whole Midlothian. Probably even the world. At first I thought I have forgotten it in somebody’s flat, but nobody seemed to have a clue. I wonder why she left me. I wonder why they all left me.

Am I such a bad owner? Do Ii treat my stuff with disrespect? May be they overheard me talking against consumerism and feared an accessories-free future. Or may be they just fell in love and decided to break free from the chains of a trivial motionless wardrobe-based life.
Could it be a quiet protest? Were they bored with being accessories and fled to a land of unlimited opportunities to finally try living the dream. Will all my belongings leave me one by one until I wake up one day and have just a sock left to wear?
Guys, please don’t! If you are reading this, please know I care. And if you all come back I promise I will not lapidate you all. Not at once.

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