vintage sleaze


go fish

surfing the crema of the third coffee wave

Takes one to know one

All the boys see the coolness, all the girls see the hotness, I just see the crippling social uncomfort-awkwardness.

like a greek myth

There was something important about dogs mentioned one of these days and I can’t remember what it was.
A bit like a stolen memory, I’m left with the space of it only. It was probably irrelevant but I feel like I’m missing something every time I see a dog now.
How lame.



A list of 11 things I stared at today

1. A Sony Playstation signed by F1 racing driver Rubens Barrichello.
2. A victorian typewriter with upper case letters only.
3. Queen’s Victoria Golden Jubilee commemorative wallpaper.
4. A tortoise teapot.
5. An art noveau earthenware green billy goat.
6. A Jimi Hendrix Experience tape.
7. A Pixiephone child’s phonograph.
8. The most beautiful Spirograph kit in the world.
9. An electric violin with a glittered bow.
10. A tye-dye 78rpm 1962 record.
11. A Lynyrd Skynyrd tape.

Oh how I love the National Museum of Scotland.
Actually, how I love museums. Too much.